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buy custom Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshops essay

buy custom Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshops essay This is a technique that is used in the conducting of very highly sensitive experiments that are biological in nature such as in detection of DNA, or in micro array experiments. The micro array technique is a very sensitive analytical procedure that can be used to analyze multiple illnesses. The only problems with this experimental techniques is that they are expensive, involve a very large number of samples which are complex and very difficult to analyze. These genes are the ones that are referred to as the biomarkers. These genes are identified in studies through the micro array technique. The procedure that leads to the identification of these genes is by a process of continuous characterization of cells especially in the presence of cancer. This has been used in the enhancement of the disease diagnosis and prognosis potential. The micro array technique has the following shortcomings, the number of the genes is highly dimensional and they indicate and show a scarce number of replicates. This study is highly variable across the replicates, the data that is found in micro array technique is never homogeneous and therefore requires normalizing and most of the data is normally non -linearly. This makes it very hard to study using the micro array technique. In order for this to be overcome, the data will have to following strategy: First; the microarray experiment will have to be done at two levels, in a healthy individual and in a patient with characteristic of cancer. Secondly, each gene is to be represented with multiple performance measures where the genes are represented with a value usually a value (P). Thirdly, a statistical data envelopment strategy is used. This finds the complex envelop of particular data set consistently. This eliminates the need for the manual manipulation of information. This is an application of linear programming where linearity is an important application. Next, the genes are selected in a series of frontiers, in this techniques, several layer of genes are selected containing a variable number of genes. This is found through the variation of the p-value. The candidates selected in this mode are named as efficient genes. The other step will involve the generation of an experimentation design that will var y the efficient genes, this is used to dictate the value of interest between the values zero (0) and (1). At every step, the performance value is determined is determined with a linear discriminant analysis which sets the classification performance. This is then fitted in a first order linear regression model; this expresses the direct relation between the performance values to the efficient genes which is set as an independent variable. Finally, the integer linear regression programming is applied to help make a choice of the potential biomarker that will be able to maximize the classification performance for the diagnosis of the specified disease condition. This is the process that is referred the as the consistent detection of potential biomarkers with linear models. Buy custom Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshops essay

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Philosophy of Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Philosophy of Education - Essay Example Developing a student’s mental, physical, moral and spiritual aspects is Ellen White’s philosophy of education. These are just some of the philosophies which have influenced one in formulating one’s own philosophy of education. One’s philosophy of education focuses on the end of ignorance among men. Like Plato, one is convinced that education â€Å"leads man out of the cave into the world of light† (Brennen, 1999). Education must however be flexible in that its content should be adapted according to the needs of men. One deems it important that education be child-centered as opposed to being content-centered (Brennen, 1999). The Montessori approach to education is a method which one will certainly adapt in one’s philosophy of education. According to Montessori, â€Å"the secret of good teaching is to regard the childs intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination† (1989). Montessori goes on further to say that teaching should encourage creativity and imagination. One believes that this should be one of the focal points of education especially among the young children. Education should be an enriching experience for the student. It is not enough that men are bombarded with a myriad of information, what is essential is whether these information are relevant to them and will be of use to them in the future. To a larger extent, education should be viewed as something which is pertinent to society’s development and that which will eventually help men’s lives prosper and become more fruitful. It is one’s belief that education must not only impart knowledge and make sponges out of men, who simply absorbs everything the educator teaches them. Its fundamental aim should be to make man critical thinkers, be effective decision makers and ultimately achieve whatever goals they want to pursue in life. One

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Poetry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Poetry - Essay Example He has to risk that the audience may not catch what he intends. Ferlinghetti compares a poem to a â€Å"little charleychaplin man,† who â€Å"may or may not catch,† meaning that a poem has to risk losing its audience, risk falling into the â€Å"empty existence of air† in order to achieve any kind of greatness, for if the poem risks nothing it also achieves nothing, no beauty, and no artistry. Ferlinghetti makes this point a bit ironically, as it is intended to be a bit of a jab at the Beat poets, poets who, to Ferlinghetti’s mind, risk nothing in their poetry, instead choosing to hide behind a mask of postmodern cynicism and dispair. The Beat poets, in Ferlinghetti’s opinion, do not walk the rope at all, but instead play their gullible audience, capitalizing on an immature dedication to anarchy and a disillusionment with a government that would draft Americans and send them to a war that they did not believe in. In â€Å"Constantly risking absurdi ty,† we see Ferlinghetti using not only theme and imagery to unite the subjects of poetry and high wire acts, but also the form. The words and lines look as if they are constantly shifting, just like a tight-rope walker must constantly change his pacing in order to keep his balance, or just as the poet must do to â€Å"perceive / taut truth.† The poet has to risk leaps in form as well as leaps in theme and subject to create a work of art. There is no other way.

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Friedman discusses Essay Example for Free

Friedman discusses Essay There are many issues that will be bearing on everyones career. These obstacles will be there no matter what field of work you go into. According to The World is Flat, the author, Thomas Friedman, states there are numerous issues in the global business world that will be bearing on my career. Some of these issues are new technologies, off shoring or outsourcing, and education. These barriers of entry make it harder and harder each year to successfully enter the business world. These obstacles are unavoidable and must be over come in order to be successful. What I am looking forward to my career being is something in the business world. Within the business world I want to be involved in the finance sector. Hopefully something like a financial advisor or something related to that. Also, I would eventually like to open my own business. I find this to be my ideal career because I am very good with managing money, very good in math, and just interested in the whole business way of life. This is where I see myself in the future. The first issue that Friedman discusses is new technologies. New technologies can be a problem because some new technologies are replacing jobs that humans usually do. For example when new machines are made for factories, they replace the factory workers jobs. Or online shopping is replacing retailers jobs. Also the internet has made trading stocks online possible, thus taking the jobs of brokers. Some sites that are taking brokers jobs are sites like,, or that have trades for as low as five dollars. On these sights you just log on, have your credit card or debit card ready and start trading from various different types of stocks from large company stocks to slam company stocks. Back in the early 2000s, my father actually lost his job due to online trading. Have you ever called a customer service for an American company, and got an Indian man on the phone who you could not understand what he was saying. This is a result of off shoring or outsourcing. Friedman discusses off shoring or outsourcing as an additional obstacle for people entering the business world because so many companies are making their customer service, human resources, accounting, and telemarketing sectors located in different countries. By doing this many people are losing their jobs and there are fewer jobs available to workers who seek employment in those fields. However the companies that participate in outsourcing save a substantial amount of money because that pay their employees in the other countries less than they would in the U.S. Also, Friedman says that outsourcing creates jobs for people in countries that have high poverty levels. The third issue that Friedman discusses is education. This can cause problems because most jobs require some sort of college degree or higher. College now can be very expensive, and will only get more expensive. For example, Marist College alone is about 40,000 dollars per year. With the price of this school being so high makes it very tough for me to pay for it, given that I am paying for it by myself. A lot of families cannot afford such high tuitions so it is very difficult for them so send their children away to college. One solution for them is to have their children take on a heavy load of loans which will, in turn, leave them in debt right out of college. And if they cannot get a college degree then it will be much harder to get a job in the business world or many other fields of work. In the views of Thomas Friedman, through the fact that new technologies being invented, companies use outsourcing and off shoring, and companies requiring college degrees it is harder for me, along with most students, to enter my career of finance in the business sector. I worry more for future generations because there will be so many more technological advances will take away from human jobs, more companies will outsource, college will become much more expensive, and there will be many more issues to overcome. As time goes on more and more obstacles will come up, but as a society we will come up with ways to cope with those obstacles.  Overall I found that the book The World is Flat was very intriguing. It brought up very knowledgeable information about the ten forces that flatten the world. Thomas Freidman goes into great detail in each of the ten flattening forces throughout the whole book. I would recommend this book to anyone that is considering entering the business world or any other work field.

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The Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) :: botany

The Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) Rubber is a valuable commodity in today's economy. A vast number of products are made from it, including washers, gloves, gaskets, tubing, waterproof clothing, toys, erasers, belts, elastics, bottle stoppers, and insulation for electrical wiring. The largest single use of rubber is in the manufacture of pneumatic tires which consumes 60% to 70% of the total world production each year. Demand for rubber has grown remarkably since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It is one species, Hevea brasiliensis, which makes up 99% of the world's natural rubber production. In 1989 that production was worth an estimated 4 billion dollars. Hevea brasiliensis (the para rubber tree) is a South American native that can grow to a height of 150 feet. The trees have a smooth bark and palmately compound leaves. They are monoecious and have small inconspicuous flowers. The seeds are akin to castor beans. On ripening, the fruit capsule explodes and propels the seeds away from the tree. Hevea brasiliensis is a member of the family Euphorbiaceae (the spurge family). Euphorbiaceae is a diverse family with approximately 290 genera and 7,500 species. Within the family, there are herbs, shrubs, trees, and fleshy cactus-like species. Some plants from this family are used for their medicinal properties and edible parts. Others are used simply as ornamentals. While there are many useful plants in the family Euphorbiaceae, the sweet and bitter cassava plants (Manihot dulcis and Manihot esculenta), as well as the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis), are of greatest economic importance. Latex bearing plants are found in some 20 botanical families. The most prominent families include Sapotaceae, Moraceae, Compositae, Apocynaceae, Asclepiadaceae, and Euphorbiaceae. In total there are about 18,000 species of latex-producing plants. Yet, only a few species are currently exploited. Commercially useful rubber-producing species include Hevea benthamiana (Para rubber), Hevea guianensus (Para rubber), Manihot glaziovii (Ceara rubber), Manihot dichotoma (Jeque rubber), Castilla elastica (Panama rubber), Ficus elastica (India rubber), Funtimia elastica (Lagos rubber), Landolphia kirkii (Landolphia rubber), Landolphia gentilli (Landolphia or Madagascar rubber), Landolphia heudelotii (Landolphia or Madagascar rubber), Landolphia owariensis (Landolphia or Madagascar rubber), Crytostegia grandiflora (Madagascar rubber), Crytostegia madagascariansis (Madagascar rubber), Parthenium argentatum (Guayule), Taraxacum kok-saghyz (Russian dandelion), Taraxacum megalorhizon (Russian dandelion), Palaquim gutta (Gutta percha), Manilkara bidentata (Balata), and Manilkara zapata (Chicle). Depending on the species of plant, the latex may be found in a number of locations. It may be within the cells or intercellular spaces of the roots, stems, or leaves of the plant.

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Project Risk Identification

Identification of risks ascertains the risks with the potential of having effect on project as well as documenting the characteristics of risk. It begins after plan of risk management is constructed and continues through out the execution of project. It involves the identification of events or items that may have significant negative effect on a project. Identification of risk may be done through checklists, project participant’s reports, and comparison of historical data as well as through the contingency planning.Two criteria can be used in the process of identifying project risks that are not originally identified and include the analysis of risk as well as the prioritization of risk. Risk analysis employs cost risk analysis, decision analysis, schedule analysis, reliability analysis as well as other similar models and techniques in analyzing the identified risks. There are several methods that can be used in this analysis and one of them includes brain storming.Brainstormi ng may be important in identifying risks and especially those which had not been identified before since risks are shared instantly among the members the moment they notice them in the project. Brain storming can further bring a lot of results in very short time and thus the members in a project can bring out risks, which had not been discussed or identified before and decide on ideas and ways of solving them.Prioritization of risk employs quantification of risk as well as risk exposure and even using decision mechanisms that is statistically based. This process may involve the use of consulting experts who may have independent view in several fields that may involve risk and also identify risks which may not have been identified before. The advantage of using consulting experts is because they have knowledge and experience which is not in a certain company and they can identify risks that may have not been identified before.

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Breaking Open Japan, by George Feifer - 1258 Words

Breaking Open Japan Feifer, George. Breaking Open Japan: Commodore Perry, Lord Abe, and American Imperialism in 1853. New York: Smithsonian Books/Collins, 2006. pp. xx, 389 p.: ill., maps; 24 cm. ISBN: 0060884320 (hardcover: alk. paper). Format: Book. Subjects: Japan Foreign relations United States /United States Foreign relations Japan. 2. A statement regarding the author: George Feifer is a native of Roxbury, Connecticut. He has written for a wide array of publications. He is a â€Å"well-known† and veteran author with many successful books. Some of the books which he has written were â€Å"Our Motherland†, â€Å"Justice in Moscow†, â€Å"Tennozan: The Battle of Okinawa†, â€Å"Moscow Farewell†, â€Å"Message from Moscow†, and last but not least, â€Å"The Girl†¦show more content†¦With the conceitedly decision by the Americans to force Japan to open its doors to foreigners and trade, a decision that turned out to be the first step along the path that was to lead to bombing of Pearl Harbor. 5. The emphasis of the work: The author provides us with an intriguing account of Japan â€Å"sealed off† and express of Commander Perry’s forceful handling of his undertaking, had far negative effect for Japan-and the United States political, commercial and foreign relationship. 6. Point of view or bias: Although the book is not organized and the timeline is often hard to find, the subject is interesting and timely. The author is a little bit prejudicial to Americans and that this book has been written with a moral principle at its root that is to show the negative influence of American diplomatic and military policy on Japan and its culture. One first example of this is the books title, The Breaking Open of Japan that denotes a forceful penetration with the intent to steal. This book makes it sound as if America is a world bully. The author sets out to show that America arrogantly decided to force Japan to open its doors to foreigners, trade, and religion, a decision that turned out to be the first step along the path that was to lead to Pearl Harbor. This challenging and deeply researched book on Perrys opening up of Japan was written for the purposeShow MoreRelatedArthur Walworths 1946 work, Black Ships Off Japan: The Story of Commodore Perrys Expedition, was3300 Words   |  14 Pages Arthur Walworths 1946 work, Black Ships Off Japan: The Story of Commodore Perrys Expedition, was released in the immediate aftermath of World War II, near the beginning of the American occupation of Japan. Walworth writes his account of Perrys expedition as objectively as possible given the relatively limited sources available in English at the time. The work goes into considerable detail in describing Perrys 1852-1853 visit, illustrating not only the minutiae of the diplomatic maneuveringRead MoreCommodore Matthew Perry and Trade with Japan Essay1023 Words   |  5 PagesJapan was an isolated country for over two hundred years. This led the United States to send Commodore Matthew Perry overseas in hopes to convince Japan to be more accessibl e. Commodore Matthew Perry knew that his task would be challenging because of Japan’s reluctance to interact with other countries and its belief that it was the greatest country of all. As a result of Perry’s mission, Japan changed politically, socially, and economically. Commodore Perry and his squadron of ships arrived in